We need guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboards players and singers. Above all, we want people willing to have fun and to be part of a historic event.

The price for participants is €10 (this amount will be paid to each participant with the festival currency and it will include access to the concerts on Friday and Saturday). 

Each musician has to bring their instrument and amplifier.

We will play Bruce Springsteen's song NO SURRENDER.

In April, you will receive the score and audio of the song and the same day of the festival there will be scheluded rehearsals to make the song sound brilliant.


We need:
200 singers (depleted places)
350/400 guitarists
130/150 drummers
200/250 bassists
50 keyboards players


What do you have to do:
- Come to the festival perfectly knowing the song.
- Bring your own equipment: instrument, amplifiers, connectors and headphones. The organization will prvide them with connections to the mixing console.
- Be EXTREMELY PUNCTUAL so as to keep to schedules. Arrival at the camping area on Friday will be highly appreciated since a massive income of participants on Saturday can cause mobility problems to the small town of Vilanova de Bellpuig.
- Follow the instructions of the organization at any given time. In case of doubts, ask the assistants that you will find in the premises.



Download - Original Song + Marks (mp3)

Download - Original Song + Marks + Bass Plus (mp3)

Download - Original Song + Marks + Drum Plus (mp3)

Download - Lyrics (pdf)

Download - Partiture (pdf)

Download - Drums Partiture(pdf)