MOMO is the first and most prominent Tribute to Queen band in Spain and one of the most important worldwide. Since 2000 they have offered more than 700 concerts that stand out for their musical and scenic quality as well as maintaining a spirit and personality that make them different. It is the only tribute band in the world that has collaborated with special from Brian May on his debut album "Constante Contradicción" (Tarambana SL 2006) his concerts are a party and an avalanche of energy that will make you travel through the different periods of QUEEN's career.

Its own material is included in two albums "Constante Contradicción" and "Gritaré tu nombre". Two very different albums that give us a cheeky and groundbreaking rock. They are currently preparing new material that will soon be released.



Momo Cortés (voice and piano)
Batt Bosch (guitar)
Diego Miranda (bass)
Oscar del Ramo (drums)
Manolo Gil  (piano)