The Blood Brothers was born in 2013 thanks to Francesco Zerbino's idea. He has always been enthusiastic by Bruce Springsteen and his music: “With the years I have read loads of books and seen many videos about the boss and every time I have found out more useful things which have united myself to him: passion for motorbikes, the seaside, surfing, guitars and sailing. I have always felt in tune with the themes which are played in his songs and which convey an incredible energy. After seeing Springsteen in live, under a universal crowd in Florence, I decided that it was time to start my adventure". 
The energy, strength, determination from the maximum rock interpret on live are the Blood Brothers inspiration, which care about the look, the choice of the musical equipment and live performances: they mean to have the same impact for more than two hour's concert.
Besides, Blood Brothers is one of the titles of Bruce Springsteen's song which is about the friendship and members of the band are united by a strong bond.
The repertoire offers timeless classical which have been drawn from records and mean the history of rock such as Born To Run, Born In The Usa, Nebraska, The River, Darkness on The Edge of Town, without mentioning the most modern The Rising o Wrecking Ball.
The concert doesn't stop. Songs are sang and interpreted again anda again  and the ensemble is set carefully thanks to thescreens to guarantee an authentic night.


Zerbo (voice and guitar)
Carlo De Bei (guitar)
Dario Orlandini (bass)
Luca Pasquadibisceglie (drum)
Filippo Ghezzi (saxophone)
Manuele Vanzi (piano)
Lorenzo del Ghianda (piano, keyboard and accordion)
Elisa Arkanz (voice)