The chosen song for this edition will be DANCING IN THE DARKGuitars, basses, drums, keyboards, violins and wind instruments are needed as well as singers. Above all, we would like you to be prepared tohave a good time and ready to enjoy it once again from such a historic moment.

What to do:

- Attend to the festival with the topic song well learned. 
- All participants must carry their own material: musical instrument and speakers. The organization will provide connections to the sound table.
- At all times, instructions must be followed and not hesitate to contact the organization or helpers with any questions you many have.
- PUNCTUALITY is kindly requested in order to fulfil the scheduled timetables:
17 h general rehearsal
18 h recording of tracks
22 h recording of the video



Audios and scores

Download below the documentation for the two topics we will be discussing on the NSF2020:


Download - Lyric (pdf)

Download - Lyric + agreements G (pdf)

Download - Lyric + agreements Bb (pdf)

Download - Audio + bracket (mp3)

Download - Drums score (pdf)

Download - Bass score (pdf)

Download - Violin score (pdf)

Download - Viola score (pdf)

Download - Trumpet score (pdf)

Download - Trombone score (pdf)

Download - Alto sax score (pdf)

Download - Tenor sax score (pdf)

Download - Electric guitar score 1 (pdf)

Download - Electric guitar score 2 (pdf)

Download - Keyboard score (pdf)


Download - Lyric (pdf)

Download - Score (pdf)

Download - Drums score (pdf)

Download - Original song + Brands (mp3)

Download - Original song + Brands + Bass Plus (mp3)

Download - Original song + Brands + Drums Plus (mp3)